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Capacity in Digital VET Teaching - CANDI

Funding agency
European Commission
IUS Project Coordinator
Mr. Emir Sehic
Start date
End date
Project Summary

The overarching objective of CANDI is the improvement of digital teaching competencies of Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Albania (ALB). Under the project lead of German VET school AFBB, ten partners from BiH, ALB, Germany, and Spain together will design the CANDI workshop curriculum and develop the accompanying technical realization. Having worked together on Erasmus+ projects in the past, the Spanish (MCC) and German (FHD, AFBB) partners are keen to share their expertise in training VET professionals and increase their Digital Education Readiness (DER).


The well-connected and in the VET sector actively involved partners IUS (BiH) and AS (ALB) take on the important role of coordinating many local activities and providing access to relevant local networks. The CANDI curriculum will be translated into Bosnian and Albanian. The Open Educational Resource (OER) will be implemented via a 3-part blended workshop (in BiH and ALB), including face-to-face (f2f) as well as online sessions with VET teachers (at least 40 from BiH and 60 from ALB). CANDI workshop facilitators will be ten local teachers from 5 partner schools (2 in BiH, 3 in ALB), who will receive training in one f2f and one online learning/training activity to effectively deliver the CANDI workshops.

The first Training-of-Trainers (T-o-T) will take place in the Spanish partners’ VET school, where the Teacher Trainers (TT) can do job shadowing and explore digital technologies. To guarantee the wide dissemination and further implementation of the CANDI workshop design, a Transfer Concept is also developed, which will be introduced to BiH and ALB VET schools at two local Multiplier Events with relevant stakeholders. The TT will also be actively involved in all CANDI project outputs development processes. Their input, amongst others, will inform the refinement of the CANDI curriculum, its technical realization, and the Transfer Concept.

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