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Developing Capacity for VET Systems in Western Balkans - DC-VET-WB

Funding agency
European Commission
IUS Project Coordinator
Mrs. Sibela Besirevic
Start date
End date
Project Summary

Developing Capacity for VET Systems in Western Balkans is a follow-up initiative of the project of INTERVET WB (EAC-2019-0671) coordinated by Uniser and implemented in cooperation with the organizations from the Western Balkan countries involved here. The general objective is to innovate VET systems in Western Balkans through the exchange of practices and a pervasive capacity-building action.

The specific objectives are:

1. To increase the quantity and quality of Work-based learning and activities in collaboration with companies;

2. To equip schools with tools to deal with the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities (Special Educational Needs, cultural obstacles, gender equality);

 3. To improve the internationalization strategies of VET schools in WB.

To achieve these objectives, the project will unfold in five work packages; two of them are transversal and will concern project coordination, quality management, and dissemination, while the three core WP will be addressed to the capacity-building action promoted by this call. They will focus on improving Work-based learning and strengthening collaboration with companies, fostering social inclusion, and improving the internationalization of VET. Each work package will include research activity, an intense exchange of practices, training activities to upskill teachers, and testing of new methodologies. The project will deliver the following outputs: a comparative analysis of Work Based Leaning approaches; video guidelines on how to set up WBL activities; an online gallery of virtual study visits of companies in IT, electronics, and automation; an online repository of practices on WBL implemented in the testing phase; a toolkit on social inclusion for practitioners in the VET field; an E-Learning on internationalization of VET systems in WB; Step-by-step guidelines on how to plan and implement a blended mobility project.

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