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Entrepreneurial and Intra-Entrepreneurial Intentions in the Sarajevo Canton: A Generational Approach

Funding agency
Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Youth, Canton Sarajevo
IUS Project Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Knezovic, International University of Sarajevo (IUS)
Project Summary

This project explores entrepreneurial and intra-entrepreneurial intentions among members of different generation groups in Sarajevo Canton. Entrepreneurial activity in Sarajevo Canton, as well as in the other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is at a relatively low level, which significantly slows down the further economic development of the community. One of the causes of this problem is insufficient knowledge regarding entrepreneurial and intra-entrepreneurial intentions of different generations, and thus the inability of the government, educational and other institutions to adapt their activities to more productive use of these intentions that would lead to job creation and faster economic progress. Understanding human intentions is an extremely important scientific preoccupation, given that they are responsible for more than 30% of people's behavior.

The research will be based on quantitative methods, including primary cross-sectional data collection. In particular, the plan is to collect data from at least 1000 inhabitants of different age groups in Sarajevo Canton, analyze them using the most modern scientific methods, and present them through academic and other social channels in the form of scientific papers, reports, round-table discussions, and lectures. In addition to raising awareness of entrepreneurship in Sarajevo Canton and publishing scientific papers and their promotion, the results of this research will be used to create concrete recommendations and measures for the government, educational, and other relevant institutions. Furthermore, managers will better understand and guide individuals and employees to transform their entrepreneurial intentions into actual behavior.

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